Anti-Bullying Week Readathon – My TBRs

Hello again. Life has been crazily busy of late, and so my reading has slowed to very little other than academic books for my courses. (I know. It’s really sad.)

To kickstart my reading, I’ve joined the Anti-Bullying Week Readathon, hosted by the lovely Sarah. Awareness of bullying and its impacts is a cause extremely close to my heart after I was bullied for four years by people who started out as my best friends. It’s really painful and it makes you question everything good about yourself.

Anyway, here are the books I’m hoping to read.

From what I’m aware, this book revolves around a girl called Liz who decides to drive her car off the road, is told through a non-linear perspective and focusses on the repercussions of her decision. This book has been sat on my bookshelf for at least a year now, and I’ve just never got around to reading it, so hopefully this readathon will change that. I’ve heard good things and I love non-linear storytelling, so I’m excited to see what this is like.

This is another story dealing with suicide, where Leonard Peacock decides to kill his former best friend and then himself on his birthday. I’ve wanted to read this for aaaaaaages and once again, I’ve just never done it. I really cannot wait to read this as I know it’s loved on Goodreads by a lot of people.

Now, my crazy schedule has meant that reading even one book a week has been hard, so I’m aiming to read the two above novels and anything after here would be extremely ambitious, but I’m putting them on here just in case. I’ll be reading these before the end of the year, hopefully, so I’m just extending the readathon. 😛

Nineteen Minutes focusses around the aftermath of a school shooting where the perpetrator was being bullied by the people he shoots. One of my favourite books of all time, Hate List, has a similar focus and I’ve enjoyed Picoult’s books in the past, so I’m hoping this will be a very riveting read.

This is a beautiful novel about two boys who meet at a swimming pool. It’s the story of their relationship, their lives and their self-discoveries. I read it nearly exactly two years ago and I adored it, so I’m hoping to read it near to the two-year anniversary and relive all of the feelings that Alire Sáenz conjures.

I hope you’re all well. Join in with the readathon if you have the time, or if you need to be inspired again, like me. 🙂