Glee-ful Ramble

This post is on something that I love with my whole heart, but that many people don’t. It is, of course, Glee.

100th celebration party

Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk’s musical comedy hit its one hundredth episode last night, with over six hundred musical performances in that time. It marks the end of the ‘choir room’ and the disbanding of New Directions, the show choir that Glee is based around. Yes, it feels completely like the end of an era and it’s kinda heart-breaking. I’ve been a fan of Glee since the very beginning, and I have been through some amazing storylines, and some admittedly not fantastic ones. Nevertheless, there’s something about this show that makes me smile, no matter what mood I’m in.

My love affair with Glee has affected my life in both positive and negative ways. I set an alarm for 3am the day it’s aired to watch the new episode before I go to school. I’ve even done this on important exam days (don’t worry, I did fine). Unsurprisingly, my Mum is very much unaware of this habit. Another (not so) negative consequence is the ridiculously talented cast that make it impossible to not get a teeny-weeny bit obsessed. Darren Criss, with his music and A Very Potter Musical roots. Chris Colfer, with his books and movie.

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26 Questions

I’ve got a very neglected ‘Personal’ category on this blog, so this post-with-a-really-random-number-of-questions-on-it should fix that. Also, hello again. (:

  1. Grab the nearest book, turn to page 21 and read line 17. ‘He had been searching for it, or its equivalent, ever since.’ (From The Girl With A Clock For A Heart by Peter Swanson.)
  2. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? I’m gonna say Los Angeles or San Francisco. I really want to go to California, so that’s at the top of my list.
  3. Who’s the last person you ate dinner with? My mum. We had cream cheese bagels late last night, mmm.
  4. Are you a good cook? I can bake better than I can cook, but I’ve never tried anything extravagant, so I don’t really know!
  5. What was the last thing you bought? The Sherlock Series Three soundtrack this morning. It’s great, okay.
  6. When did you last step outside? Last night, to go to the cinema with my Mum.
  7. What’s the last film you saw? 12 Years A Slave
  8. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of politics or guilt, what would it be and why? I would remove prejudice in all forms, be it based on ethnicity, sexuality, gender, background, physical appearance or religion etc. I think that everyone has a lot to offer and sometimes people are too judgmental to look past their first impressions. Besides, judging someone based on something that’s an integral part of their being is nasty and it hurts.
  9. Favorite day of the week? Ooh, tough. I don’t actually know if I have one.
  10. What is your hair color? I have brown hair.
  11. What are you listening to? Take That’s albums on shuffle because they’re just awesome.
  12. Favorite ice cream flavor? I love strawberry and raspberry, but lemon’s awesome too.
  13. What’s your favorite TV show? Dawson’s Creek will always be number one, closely followed by Glee, Elementary and Sherlock.
  14. Are you sarcastic? Yes, I really am. I should probably tone it done a bit.
  15. What’s your biggest ‘what if’? My family have moved house a lot, and across the country too, so I always wonder what my life would’ve been if we’d stayed in the last place, or the place before that or wherever.
  16. Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it? Behind, behind, behind. No one’s taken a picture of me for at least two years, and I never ever take them of myself. I have a lot of anxiety regarding cameras.
  17. Who is your celebrity crush? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little bit in love with a ridiculously talented fellow called Darren Criss. There are many funny stories to be told about my thing for him, ha.
  18. What is something you say a lot? I don’t swear, so I tend to use really juvenile insults like ‘poophead’ or ‘turd’ quite a bit. I also say ‘are you being serious?’ a lot.
  19. What’s your favorite animal? I love giraffes. I’m nicknamed ‘Georgie Giraffe’ because I’m tall, and I also made friends with one at a zoo and it’s been love ever since.
  20. Define art. To me, art is anything that the beholder finds beautiful. Art is extremely subjective and I think that makes it even more fascinating.
  21. What was your first word? Not sure about the very first word, but early phrases were ‘tesco lorry’, ‘dig dig’ and ‘Ainslie Harriott’. I was in the car a lot as a baby, travelling on motorways alongside diggers and lorries, apparently. My favorite show was Ready, Steady, Cook and Ainslie Hariott was the presenter dude. I was an odd baby. (Not much has changed.)
  22. What’s your favorite word? I love ‘discombobulate’, ‘mellifluous’, ‘dalliance’, ‘ineffable’ and ‘fugacious’. I like words. (;
  23. Do you have any nicknames? My actual name is Georgia, but only teachers and people at school call me that. My brother, my Mum and my sister call me George, a few people call me Gee and occasionally, giraffe or giant. A popular one in my house is ‘Mrs. Criss’, after my infatuation with Darren.
  24. What do you think about the most? Probably the future. I mean, it’s a big thing, it’s got a lot of variables, it’s scary, and I’m at the age where lots of decisions have to be made that will affect it. Hmm.
  25. Favorite band? THERE ARE TOO MANY! I love Kodaline, Snow Patrol and Coldplay, but I also really like Daughter, Walk The Moon, Noah and The Whale and Capital Cities. Told you there was too much choice.
  26. Shuffle iTunes. What are the first three songs that play? How Did It Come To This by Take That, This Is How We Do by Katy Perry and King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men.