Ten Hyped-Up Books I Need To Read

I found Top Ten Tuesdays today, and thought I’d take part. I hope you enjoy!

From The Guardian

From The Guardian

This book is sat on my shelf and it’s staring at me and I know I need to read it. I love the sound of it and I’m pretty sure I will love it. Needs to happen right now.

I mean, does this need any explanation? It’s a classic, and it’s one of those novels that just needs to be read. I have a copy on my Kindle, so fingers crossed it will be read on my trip to America this year.

I’ve not read any Rainbow Rowell as yet, but this one is up there. I’ve heard amazing things, and I love romance that is real which seems to be this story’s number one selling point. Need to get my hands on a copy asap.

Similarly to the next entry on this list, someone ruined this book for me. I want to read this a lot but a silly girl decided to detail the plot in a group discussion in class, despite the teacher deliberately stating that was a bad idea. I’m very annoyed because this is a character driven novel which is my favourite kind, but I know everything now.

Again, staring at me from my shelf. This novel sounds funny whilst also addressing important topics, and from the reviews I’ve read, it sounds like a perfect balance of the two which is not easy to achieve.

Another one staring at me. This book is so loved and so lauded by most people that I have really high expectations. That scares me, because I’m worried it won’t meet my expectations and I’ll be disappointed. Also, I’m known as the ‘book girl’ at college and if people knew I hadn’t read this yet, I think I might be hung. As soon as we’re on summer break, I’m reading it.

I really don’t know why I haven’t read this yet, considering the rave reviews it has and the politics nerd that I am. Plus, I adored Animal Farm which is a good start. Shame on me.

I’ve picked this up in the library on multiple occasions but never actually read the first page. Another book I have high expectations for. Maybe I’ll read it to my younger sister over summer, that way we can bond (insert happy face here) and share a supposedly awesome book.

I adore the premise of this book and the questions it raises. I got a copy of this from a local charity shop a few weeks back and I fully intend on reading it soon.

I also can’t believe I haven’t read this either. Then again, someone told me all about this – not the plot which is obviously well known, but the intricacies and the bits that would have made it special for me as a first time reader. It really does sound great but I guess I got kind of put off by the fact I know it inside and out without ever having picked it up.

I’ve clearly got some reading to do! What are your hyped-up TBR books?


2 thoughts on “Ten Hyped-Up Books I Need To Read

  1. you have a nice collection here. I just finished reading “The Help” and it was just phenomenal. Sorry to hear “The Kite Runner” was ruined for you but hey, you can still read it to experience the emotions of the characters. And if I may suggest one, I suggest you also add “The Book Thief” to your list. I think you will like it.

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