Hello again :)

So, I’ve been away.

Since my last post here, a lot has changed in my life.

I got accepted onto on a programme to help me go to University in America, and this August, I’ll be staying at Yale for a week, with a day at Harvard, a day in NYC and many campus tours. It’s very exciting.

I’ve survived my first year of (English) college, which is good. *insert happy face here* I really enjoyed my courses and I’ve had the best teachers I could possibly ask for. On a more personal note, I made a strong group of friends which is something I haven’t had for many years. Granted, those friends are in the year above me and are off to University now, but for this year, they’ve been great.

I want to start reviewing again. I think I tried to be too perfect last time around, and I’ve now realized blogging is not supposed to be perfect, it’s supposed to be yours

So hello again blogosphere. It’s lovely to be back.


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