Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl

Review – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

gone girl

High-vis jacket, anyone?!

Who are you? What have we done to each other?

Oh gosh, this book. I’m not sure there are sufficient words to describe how fantastic it is without spoiling it.

Gone Girl is Amy and Nick Dunne’s story. On the morning of their fifth anniversary, Nick returns to the house to find the front door wide open, the iron still on and signs of a struggle. Furthermore, his wife has disappeared. However, suspicions soon turn on Nick and from here, the book is constantly full of energy and drama.

Gillian Flynn writes with what can only be described as total dedication. She said that her writing room looked like that of a serial killer by the end, every wall covered in vast amounts of notes. The way that this book is written is crazily clever. There’s a giant “oh my God, no way!” twist near the middle and it’s completely crazy. I would never have predicted it at all. Flynn has to be praised for some of the cleverest structuring I have ever read.

Having said all of that, the ending really annoyed me! I wanted justice, I wanted to know that people don’t get away with things like this. I know that in reality, it’s pretty impossible to pull off what a certain character did and there be zero evidence anywhere to prove it. I was very near the end, thinking that something needed to happen now, but it never did. I was left feeling irritated, but that cannot subtract from the brilliance of the rest of the novel.

I would definitely recommend this book. It’s full of completely unpredictable twists and turns and characters that are completely squirm-worthy. It’s amazing, really.

Rating: ★★


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