Review – Looper (2012)

In 2074, when the mob wants to get rid of someone, the target is sent into the past, where a hired gun awaits – someone like Joe – who one day learns the mob wants to ‘close the loop’ by sending back Joe’s future self for assassination.


Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I’m admittedly quite slow to the bat with this film, but hey, what’s a weekend of boredom if not to watch random movies you’ve never seen before?

Looper, directed by Rian Johnson, is the story of Joe, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who shoots people from the future for a living. His life is going pretty well until the person he has to kill is himself, thirty years older (Bruce Willis).

I didn’t know a lot about this movie before I watched it, aside from the cast. For me, it started off slow. I didn’t really know where it was trying to go for the first thirty minutes, or whether it was trying to be clever or violent or something else entirely. To be honest, I was becoming a little restless and dare I say it, bored. The diner scene between Willis and Gordon-Levitt was the turning point, in my opinion.

The relationship between present Joe and future Joe was surprising to me. They’re not friendly, put it that way. There was a lot of cussing going on, a lot of bullets wasted during long arguments, but Willis and Gordon-Levitt played off each other well and their interactions were entertaining to watch.  It was good to see that just because you’re the same person from different time periods, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna be best friends.

I felt as though quite a few characters emerged from nowhere and didn’t get given any real explanation. Nonetheless, I really liked the importance of Sara, portrayed by Emily Blunt, and her son Cid, played by Pierce Gagnon. I was entirely unaware of Emily Blunt’s role in the movie, and she was a strong female addition to an almost entirely male cast. Cid is a strange little kid, but he has some very powerful scenes. Gagnon was a very good casting choice – he was able to switch from innocent and adorable to somewhat disturbing in two seconds flat.

From the little I knew, I was expecting an action-packed typical Willis film. Looper is a lot more than guns and bloodshed. At the heart of the story, there are some very moral realizations going on. This all becomes extremely evident in the last scenes, in which everything is brought together in a surprisingly uncomplicated way.

I found Joseph Gordon-Levitt to be a solid character and Bruce Willis as more emotionally invested than anything I’ve seen in his work before. The plot was intelligent and largely enjoyable, but I won’t be watching Looper again anytime soon.


For fans of… clever movies with guns and solid characters


11 thoughts on “Looper

  1. Good review. It definitely loves to play around with sci-fi conventions and it never got to be a bore for that sole reason. Well, that, and because Rian Johnson is a very skilled, very stylish director that I just wish would work a whole lot more than he does.

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