3 things we can learn from Sherlock

Three pieces of advice we should all follow. And hey, it just so happens to coincide with one of my absolutely favorite shows, BBC’s Sherlock.

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The world wide television hit that is the BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ returned to the air this New Year, much to the relief of its fans after a painstaking wait to discover just how Sherlock faked his own death. However, aside from his amazing capacity to solve mysteries, Sherlock Holmes also has three attributes that we could all do to take inspiration from:

1) We should believe in ourselves more and more often. Sherlock has a remarkable sense of self belief that he illustrates in pretty much every episode. He only starts to run into trouble when he starts to doubt himself. Doubt impairs his work, just as it takes away from everyone’s life experience. When we believe in ourselves, we achieve much more than when we shy away from opportunity out of fear.

“I felt doubt. I’ve always been able to trust my own sense, the evidence of my own eyes…

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